Hjärnkoll’s mission is to increase awareness, improve public attitudes and end discrimination faced by people with mental health problems.

Everyone, regardless of their mental health, should be granted the same rights and opportunities. Unfortunately, reality tells a different story. Many people do not disclose their mental health condition, even though three out of four Swedes experience mental health issues, or know someone who does. This creates a great stigma for those affected, sometimes leading to people losing their job, friends and family.

It is our belief that openness and awareness about mental health problems lead to better relations between people, more professional care, and less discrimination. At the heart of our work are our 350 ambassadors who all have personal experience of mental health problems. They share their stories in workplaces, schools, healthcare, municipalities, and organizations of different kinds.

The personal story is a powerful tool for raising awareness, improving attitudes and ending stigma. The ambassadors represent all segments of society – young and old, women and men, and people with a wide range of conditions and problems. Some are close relatives to people with mental conditions. By telling their stories, the ambassadors increase openness, impart hope and show that it is possible to work proactively with mental health.